Sustainability of local communities

Handmade treats for the “Bright Star”


On Sunday, 13 December 2020, the employees of the Drepano plant gladly accepted to cook in their home kitchens –together with members of their families– for a very good cause! More specifically, they prepared 290 portions of appetizers and main courses, as well as desserts (cakes, cookies, Christmas honey cookies [melomakarona]), and donated them to the “Bright Star” – a non-profit charitable volunteer organization which is based in Patra and helps children with health issues in need of special care and nourishment. TITAN’s plant assumed the cost of purchasing the ingredients as well as the transport of the food.

One of TITAN’s timeless principles is to invest in the active participation of its employees in various voluntary initiatives which foster the cooperation with local communities in the areas in which the company operates. Both management and employees participate as stakeholders in this effort, sustaining in numerous ways actions which are aimed at providing support, but also joy, especially to the most vulnerable groups of the local population.

The beneficiaries of these initiatives are associations and organizations which offer valuable services to society and provide their assistance to groups of fellow human beings who are in need, supporting both them and their family members. With this in mind, the Drepano plant invariably upholds its tradition of supporting local organizations. The nature of this support varies depending on ascertained needs and may pertain to donations of food and necessities, school supplies, toys, books, Christmas and Easter presents, etc.

After the made-with-love meals were delivered to the “Bright Star”, its management warmly thanked the amazing cooks on behalf of the children in the organization’s care.


Initiatives and activities for Local Communities

We capitalize on our resources and partnerships to create sustainable value at every stage of our operation. We focus not only on what we do, but also on how we do it, ensuring our substantial contribution to local communities.

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