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“Eleusinian Lighting” – We shed light on the history of Elefsina!


With the headline “Eleusinian Lighting”, many newspapers welcomed the illumination of the archaeological site and the creation of a cultural centre in Elefsina, after a two-year project as our donation to honour TITAN’s founder and former Chairman Leonidas Canellopoulos.

On 5 July 2015, Deputy Minister of Culture Petros Tsitoulis inaugurated the project, a contribution by our company to culture and Elefsina, whose archaeological site is located a few hundred metres from our plant.

The project aimed at highlighting one of the most important and evocative archaeological sites of our country, associated with the Eleusinian Mysteries and the worship of goddess Demeter.

The study and design of this challenging project were undertaken by Pierre Bideau, the man whose projects include the illumination of the Acropolis in Athens and of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.



Initiatives and activities for Local Communities

We capitalize on our resources and partnerships to create sustainable value at every stage of our operation. We focus not only on what we do, but also on how we do it, ensuring our substantial contribution to local communities.

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