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The first Phenological Garden in Greece, at the Efkarpia plant


An innovative garden which “monitors” climate change –the first one in Greece and one of the three that were created in Thessaloniki– has been hosted since December 2020 at the facilities of TITAN’s plant in Efkarpia.

Phenological Gardens provide us with the opportunity to observe and study the impact of climate change, as there seems to be a shift in the initiation of biological events, as well as a change in their duration. These changes in the seasonal activity of plants from year to year are a sensitive but absolutely visible indicator of changes in the functioning of ecosystems. Following TITAN’s factory and the setting up of two more similar gardens in Thessaloniki, the application of this know-how is expected to be extended to other private gardens or gardens of private organizations which can be visited by the public or to green spaces that are part of an economic activity (such as car parks in shopping malls, exhibition sites, etc.), as well as public urban green spaces.

At the Efkarpia plant, in an area of 2,500 square meters, one hundred Mediterranean trees and shrubs of twenty distinct species were planted. The garden will be used for research and educational purposes, both during the programme and after its completion. For at least ten years, researchers will systematically record data that will contribute to the body of knowledge about climate change, its impact and mitigation.

The programme of the Phenological Garden also includes educational activities within the Thessaloniki plant for citizens and schoolchildren in order to enhance –through their experiential participation in the recording activities– their knowledge and awareness about urban green and its role within the urban space, and to facilitate a better understanding of the impact of climate change and how it can be addressed.

The Faculty of Forestry and Natural Environment of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is the scientific expert in charge of this project which falls under the umbrella of the European Union’s LIFE CliVUT programme. TITAN immediately responded to the University’s invitation in the context of the actions it undertakes towards the mitigation and management of climate change and the partnership initiatives in which it engages which focus on addressing international and local sustainable development challenges.

The LIFE CliVUT programme will unfold in four EU cities until 2023 and envisages the planting of 10,000 new trees and shrubs in pilot regions and the replacement of 8,000 existing trees and shrubs with higher climate value species. The programme, which will contribute to shaping the EU's environmental and climate policy, aims at reducing total greenhouse gas emissions by 168,000 tons per annum and increasing carbon dioxide storage in trees by about 42,000 tons.

In addition, it is expected to contribute to the reduction in energy consumption by 2,000 MWh per annum and in temperature by 4-5° C in the new urban green spaces that will be created. The synergy between TITAN and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki for the creation of the first Phenological Garden of Greece received a distinction at the Bravo Sustainability Week 2021.

Kostas Nikolaou, Manager of TITAN’s Efkarpia plant, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki for the creation of the first Phenological Garden in Greece, which is hosted at our factory in Efkarpia. It is an innovative programme that brings together scientific expertise, corporate responsibility and the local community –especially the younger generation– in a joint effort to contribute towards addressing climate change. In TITAN, we are firmly committed to protecting the environment, enhancing the circular economy and addressing climate change. We are therefore pursuing meaningful collaborations and actions –just like this one– which are fully in line with our high environmental excellence goals and our commitment to low carbon emissions, in the name of long-term sustainable development.”

The programme is expected to be completed in February 2023.

Here you can watch the video of the planting process.

You can also read the relevant Press Release here.


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