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TITAN donates a car for the “Help at Home” programme


The Elefsina plant has a tradition of working alongside the city’s municipality, which undertakes tireless and strenuous efforts to support its residents in all aspects, with an emphasis on social assistance and culture.

In this context and to honour this invariably close partnership, TITAN launched a new initiative in order to address an urgent need of the municipality and contribute to its efforts to help its less privileged citizens.

Thus, in November 2020, Andreas Samothrakis –Manager of the Elefsina plant– and Social Worker Marouso Spetsioti presented a passenger car to Mayor of Elefsina Argyris Oikonomou and Deputy Mayor for Social Protection, Education and Culture Evi Anthi-Gioka.

The vehicle was donated by TITAN to be used specifically for the needs of the “Help at Home” programme of the Department of Social Protection, Education and Culture. Employees of the Department of Social Protection, Education and Culture attended the presentation of the vehicle.

The “Help at Home” programme is aimed at senior citizens who are unable to provide for their personal needs, as well as at people with mobility impairments and special needs. Priority is given to those who live alone or without full family care or to those who cannot afford to acquire the services required to improve the quality of their life.

The programme provides counselling and psychological support, nursing care, family assistance, and company at home. The overall supervision of each case is managed by the programme’s social worker, who evaluates incidents, provides social support, contacts other competent departments, and refers cases which do not pertain to the services provided by the programme.

On the occasion of the presentation of the car by TITAN, Andreas Samothrakis highlighted the tremendous importance of the services of the “Help at Home” programme for our vulnerable fellow citizens who have been particularly affected by the dramatic consequences of the pandemic. The Mayor of Elefsina, on his part, spoke about the unfailing assistance and contribution of TITAN Cement S.A. for the benefit of local citizens. As he pointed out, “In these critical times, such contributions made in the context of solidarity not only encourage the tremendous effort undertaken by the municipality along with all the relevant bodies and competent authorities, but substantially reinforce and strengthen the actions of the people who are on the front line, helping and supporting our fellow human beings in need”.


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